Music resonates throughout Africa; it’s the continent’s heartbeat. Marry that to South Africa’s need to develop and build entrepreneurs for economic growth, and Casterbridge Music Development Academy is an exciting and viable solution for South African youth. It’s a world-first, operating in a low opportunity space. Developing entrepreneurs who can operate comfortably in a dynamic, competitive and rapidly evolving space which is the hallmark of the music industry.

The CMDA provides the platform and the opportunity. The students must provide interest, responsibility and effort. But donors are the essential lifeblood of the Academy; without their continual support and sponsorship, the CMDA is not sustainable as most of our students are rural without the means to fund a fee based education. The vibrant combination of entrepreneurial skills, exploiting an intrinsically African musical ability and a cutting-edge delivery platform offer a means to turn despondency into promise, to offer our students the escape velocity into self-sufficiency.


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Music Show

We Have Purpose

By embracing and using technology, the CMDA provides a development college for bands but extends much further than that; it delivers an online education across a diverse spectrum of skills which expand beyond the music industry. By the time the students graduate, they’ll have not only a deep technical understanding of the entire music business, they’ll be equipped with the necessary business and life skills to provide for themselves, their family and to be sustainable contributors to South Africa’s economy.

We Develop Skills

We are developing more than just musicians. We are developing individuals who are at ease with cloud computing and digital technology (developed through our online learning portal), are highly creative (through their song writing), confident (through performing on stage to large audiences) and work confidently in groups, which has been honed over hundreds of hours in band rehearsals and performances.

Why Donate or Sponsor?

By supporting the CMDA, donors are assured that their contribution is tightly managed. In a sea of need, the CMDA is a life raft of practical, sustainable education and skills training based on talent, passion and dedication. Make it personal by providing a bursary to a specific student. Follow their progress, share their journey. Change a life.