I am a twenty-year-old female vocalist, born in South Africa Mpumalanga in the year 1997 on the third of March.

I started doing music at the age of 12. Growing up in a religious family one was obligated to serve in the church by committing to a duty of some sort and my choice was in music and my love for music grew from there, and I started singing in a church choir, school choir and I was involved in any other extra mural activities that were music related.

2011 is the year I discovered CMDA and my love for music grew even more. I joined the academy and I was placed in a band, Hillsview Amplified, and had vocal training classes for 6 months. At that time I had no performing experience, besides the choir and the two hip-hop bands I had been in (Jade Diamond  and RJTBL ) my first performance was with Hillsview Amplified. I later on joined another group called Vital Crew which was more of a pop band than African pop. My membership did not last with the Vital Crew as I was placed in a different band, a more RnB, pop, hip hop band. Jive Chronicles at that time was the main/big band in CMDA. As time went on my membership with the CMDA upgraded to Gold.

During my period with the CMDA I had a lot privileges. We had song writing classes from different South African artists and many workshops. In the year 2012 I had the opportunity to be part of a Linkin Park workshop and concert which was held in Johannesburg at the Mandela (FNB) stadium.

At the end of 2013 I unfortunately had to move again and that resulted to my CMDA membership being terminated. At that time, I was equipped with minimal skills and I aimed to better them, so I did anything music related and in 2014 I pitched an idea of having a school band, Phoenix Phonics. I took whatever skills I had learned at the CMDA and shared with my fellow peers until I got to matric (Grade 12). 2016 I continued looking for ways to grow my music experience and building my CV.

 At the age of twenty, I returned to CMDA were I am starting to build my music career professionally. I perform on a weekly basis and attend school from Monday to Friday if necessary on Saturdays as well so to complete my 2Enable work.  2Enable is a education foundation that has helped me learn more about how to use the internet in my favour not just socialising, how I can store documents online and sending emails, my skills have improved so much since I have been here. I have taken interest in a lot of things like learning how to play instruments like the Flute and Piano for starters and learning how to sing in different styles. My journey has just begun, and I plan on furthering my my studies and skills.