2Enable Enthusiast

I come from a small town in Mpumalanga called Sabie, where I live with my father and two younger siblings.

I took Computer Applications Technology (CAT) as a subject at high school. The curriculum was based of programs like Word, Excel, and Database. This subject gave me an advantage when I started at the CMDA because it made 2Enable easier to understand.

I found 2Enable helpful for a number of reasons. One being that I did not need to carry a bag full of back bending books around because all the information I needed to study was literary in the palm of my hands in stored on my smart phone. To make it even better I did not have to use my mobile data to access my study material as I could download all the information I need and use it at my convenience without charge!

Through 2Enable I learned about Google Docs as it was the preferred system by the CMDA to submit assignments. I now use Google Docs to store all my important documents like a copy of my ID , my CV and cover letter.

Another thing that stood out of me when using 2Enable was the messaging system. Whenever I had a question to ask one of my lectures I did not have to go the long route of sending them an email I could simply send the text, this also made it easier for the lecturers to respond to us. My classmates and I also use the messaging system to share notes or rehearsal times.

2Enable is an effective educational tool and it has made my learning journey at the CMDA a breeze.