What is 2Enable?

2Enable delivers tailor-made educational content developed by qualified teaching professionals via its website at www.2Enable.org or via its mobile applications at no cost to all South Africans.  Over 20 teachers have developed, aligned and moderated 2Enable content with the curriculum in all major enrolment subjects.  This project, in collaboration with the Mpumalanga Department of Education is designed to, and is intended to effect change at a provincial level.  All content developed is available at no cost to schools, teachers and students in Mpumalanga and throughout South Africa.

2Enable can assist home-school learners or learners with an absent or poor teacher to better understand the subject of their choice as it contains thousands of curriculum aligned videos that focus on explaining concepts.

2Enable is used by the CMDA to provide music related training to students enrolled in its music courses. This allows the students to work at their own pace through the curriculum of content intended to prepare them for life as a professional musician.

How 2Enable Works

2Enable can be accessed online at 2Enable.org.  After registering and logging in, a user can then enrol in the subjects of their choice.  The academic subjects are curriculum aligned and are arranged in weekly modules.  At the end of each module, the user can take an assessment to establish how well they understand the content in that module.  With negative marking (marks are deducted for wrong answers), users must know the content to pass and cannot rely on guessing.  Each user has a dashboard that will suggest revision content based on the wrong answers in an assessment and shows the user each of the questions that were incorrectly answered.  Users can, via the instant messaging module, seek help from their online peers, their learning circle or their mentors (teachers).   To make this a ‘dynamic’ site, users can provide regular feedback to the developers relating to the standard of any question or resource thereby ensuring all content is relevant and meaningful.

How 2Enable Content is Delivered

2Enable can be accessed either entirely online, partially offline in a learning centre or entirely offline on a mobile phone, tablet or similar device.  When set up as a learning centre, all the bandwidth hungry content is hosted locally on a 2Enable Digital Library and the internet connection is only used for tracking a user’s progress and to deliver assessments.  This means that 2Enable can operate highly effectively in schools, libraries and community centres where internet speed is an issue.  Any user, including those in under-served areas of South Africa, who do not have access to the internet at home can then continue to access the value of 2Enable either on their phone or other mobile device without using any internet data.

Building Capacity

If you manage a community centre, or are a school with internet, we will help you set up 2Enable and show you how to make the best use of the application.  To operate the application offline, you will require a 2Enable Digital Library. There is an once off cost for the digital library and training.

2Enable is a free curriculum aligned digital library for all students in need of academic support.  It is also a free personal assistant for teachers that can help enrich lessons, set and mark assessments and provide analytical feedback to assist teachers in being more efficient and effective.  For school managers, there is a organisational management tool to help with event planning, attendance, reporting and 2Enable even offers a facility to communicate with students by instant messaging, SMS or email.