How you can make a contribution to our program

Subscribe to our newsletter and keep abreast of our shows and progress.

Volunteer or become and intern by checking out our ‘Volunteer’ page.

Offer to run a workshop for our students.

Assist us to upgrade existing community centres, libraries, schools and CMDA facilities to facilitate easy access by our youth, including your children and grandchildren to music and educational resources.

Sponsor an emerging CMDA band or student

Sponsor an event such as our ‘Battle of the Bands’ or ‘Route 40 Music Festival’.

Support local acts and shows in the community by attending our public events

Follow the CMDA and online via Twitter, Facebook and our websites and help spread the word.


Because of the high visibility of our NPO, linking with the CMDA is a fantastic way to get your company noticed – and recognised for its generosity to the South African community at large.