Our Mission

Our mission is to use music and e-learning to inspire creative thinking, instil self-confidence and global awareness to help address the challenging issues of South Africa’s youth.  We achieve this by focussing on music and digital education in a formal, full-day program.


Our Music Program Develops

Creativity through song-writing, video production and intensive rehearsals.

Self Confidence in band rehearsals, live performances and through high levels of digital literacy.

Global awareness through our project based curriculum that requires students to explore globally using digital resources and tools.

Our Program is Affordable

Many of our lessons are video or text based and eliminates the need for full-time teaching staff.   As a consequence, our students are required to meet specific outcomes on their own or in groups and must be disciplined and self-motivated.

All students are required to complete weekly assessments and projects that both enhance learning and act as pace-setters for the students.  Interventions only occur when students fall behind or are not meeting the required standards.

All our students function competently in the digital domain.  Rural students from no-fee government schools adapt easily and quickly to the technology.

All project work is completed entirely online which allows us to use music specialists based around the country to provide the support to our students.  For instance our social media expert is based in Port Elizabeth, our music assessors are based in Nelspruit and Mashishing and our vocal coach is based in Cape Town.

Students spend at least two and a half hours in rehearsals per day supervised by a professional music director.

All students will begin to generate income through a live stage performance to tourists.  This, represents their first step to financial independence and is further supported with courses in both Arts Management and The Music Business.


Our Program is Replicable

It is entirely online, except for practical aspects such as rehearsals, performances and practical assessments.

Is not teacher intensive, but requires teachers to mark and provide feedback where and when necessary

Is flexible as teachers do not have to based where the course is offered, allowing the course to be offered in locations that would otherwise not support such a course due to a lack of on-site professional skills.

Our program is highly functional and we can demonstrate this by relying on the existing results of our students.