Frequently Asked Questions

There have been many questions relating to our Course.  Below are answers to these comments.


Do we do Gospel, Kwaito, Hip Hop?

We will accept anyone who can competently play an instrument and meets our acceptance criteria.  Your specific interest in any genre is not important.  Developing original music is essential.  So when you write your songs, they can be of any genre.


What does full time mean?

It means that you will be required to attend every day from 8am to 4pm.  It also means that you must be prepared to participate in live shows and perform on weekends.


What does it cost?

The first cohort of 30 students will be free for the first year.  Thereafter there will be a fee of R2500 per month to attend.


Will I be required to sign a contract?

Yes.  You will also be required to enter into a management agreement and a publishing agreement with the CMDA.  We plan to develop you into a professional and will be doing everything possible to get you on stage, assist you with song writing and performances.  We will be inviting top musicians in to give you workshops and to assist you with the many choices that are available to you.  You will likely open for some of these musicians when they perform in Mpumalanga or elsewhere.  So you will be required to commit fully to the project.


What if I don’t participate fully (am absent or do not meet the outcomes)?

You will be asked to leave.  We will only focus on students that are committed and wish to make a success of their music careers.  Our focus is to take an interest or hobby and turn it into a music career or business.   We expect business principles to apply to your conduct and participation.


Is there anything else I need to know?

You will be required to perform in a structured music show at least once per month that focuses on the history of South African music.  This will require you to learn around 40 South African classics that you will perform to an audience of largely tourists.  All other music that you perform will be original music developed in the programme.


Is the Course Certified with SAQA?

No it is not certified but we will be applying for certification in due course.  However the certificate is less valuable than the © in music that is our purpose to develop.