Motivated to Learn

Born on 1996 September 09 Gauteng Johannesburg raised at Soweto and moved to Mpumalanga Nelspruit 2007. I am from a family of three, I am the first born and my little brother which is the last born we raised by single parent which is my mother. Growing up was not easy without my father because I missed a lot and sometimes some other aspect of life like guidance where needed.

I started schooling under government school from grade one (1) to five (5), I had to move out to a school for kids with special needs. My life was not easy I had to attend therapy time and school at the other hand with very little to survive on daily basis cause my mother was earn little in her working environment to manage us and my special needs.

 Growing up I did not know I had passion for music because I was in to soccer of which I was good.  I was getting paid for football from my high school life until I finish my high school. I did hospitality, I did some baking of cakes, muffins, and rusk sell them for a period of two years. I came across a CD there was a gospel song which was led by a saxophonist and I kept listening to that very song over and over not knowing this instrument, but the tone and the melody was ringing in my head wherever I go, I started developing interest in music but not knowing any musical instrument and the music language.

A respectable grown up woman whom I called her granny today came to our community and establish a SOS children village music project in 2014 at Kamagugu but children outside from the SOS village were not allowed to partake in the music project. I went there for the first time to attend they kick me out because I was not from the SOS orphanage centre, I went the following week and they kick me out again and I went to buy a recorder that was the affordable and cheapest instrument at that time then went back again and the old lady was shocked and surprised seeing me back again with a recorder on my hand after she kicked me out several times she saw the passion I had in me in learning music so she finally took me as one her student by that time, she saw me excelling in recorder and she started giving me lessons in saxophone and she lent me her own saxophone.

I started performing in more orphanage, old age home and eisteddfod.  She was accompanying me and some other churches, later I raised money to buy used saxophone as I was given an opportunity to teach other young people at the SOS village centre. Later she told me about the Casterbridge music academy in White River, I went for audition there I was lucky to be accepted there, in few weeks I went to get the application form and fill them.  I got a bursary from them I started my music classes in early January 2017 up to date.

Coming to CMDA helped me a lot because I have learnt a lot especially music theory which was something I find it more interesting about music and the other subject they offer like form I music, social media, song writing and production, musicianship, video editing, vocal training and piano self-tuition. This enlightened me how broad music is and the role it has in our lives. Working with 2Enable gave me the opportunity to discover something I did not know it can be done and it is fun working digital independently, and as a group because we had a chance to showcase our music talent to the world through the innovative system they have design to upload and share our music via YouTube account and the school music band the live shows happening at school and in the Mpumalanga community that’s awesome. I would recommend everyone to register or buy or just to use the programme because the future we are facing.