Orientation is over.  All students have been trained on 2Enable, understand the curriculum, been formed into bands and have begun rehearsing songs for a show on South African history using South African music.

2Enable has finally proven itself as an excellent tool in a properly managed space with extensive content and assessments to measure progress.  Students have adapted to it easily and many now bring tablets and phones, which allow them to download and study content at home.  The open learning space allows students to plan their own study and practice times; it is good to see students arranging themselves into study groups and using the many facilities that are available.

Although many students are new to social media, all now have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts.  Already they have made an impression on The Eye (radio station) by participating via Twitter with the studio hosts.  The rate of adoption and adaption to the digital environment is surprising, especially considering where we are based (not in a major metropolitan centre).  We now understand just how simple it is to provide a structured learning environment and to integrate easily accessible resources to eager students.  The class is both disciplined and determined; discipline and respect for each other are beyond our expectations.  It is magical.

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