Report on 2Enable

This report is provided by a student studying at a Bushbuckridge school that is supported by 2Enable.

Difficulties that I Have Studying at rural School

  1. Lack of basic infrastructure and learning resources.
  2. Lack of Support in my works
  3. Not exposed to career choices
  4. No career encouragement
  5. Lack of creativity encouragement
  6. Lack of computer skills
  7. Shortage of free time ( for talents or skills to discover)
  8. Poor studying Place
  9. Disturbances of stolen computers and tablets
  10. Failure of the Education Departments to deliver on their core Responsibilities.
  11. Teacher late-coming, absenteeism
  12. Some of our teachers don’t have content knowledge competencies needed to impart the skills needed by us learners
  13. Many learners come from families affected by poverty, hunger and Parents with little or no education themselves.


Benefits from  using 2Enable and Ereaders

  1. Improvement in Speaking English and Writing in English
  2. Online Assessments and Lessons helped a lot in revisions
  3. Essay writing skills and Identification of figures of speech. Because we can able to pause and reverse if did not understand what we have learn.
  4. I also improved my reading because of Ereaders.